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Why us

What we do - Buro Hashtag is a content marketing agency with a special focus on trending social media channels such as Instagram and Snapchat. We develop content strategies and connect brands with Influencers and content creators.

Büro Hashtag was founded in 2015 by former founder of premium blog collective Creators of Desire, Anouk Yve Bos. Working closely with marketeers from international fashion and lifestyle brands for over 6 years she saw it was time for action, based on the following insight: whilst consumers are embracing trending social channels such as Instagram and Snapchat, the majority of brands still struggle to create captivating Instagram and Snapchat profiles, don’t have a clue how to create content on this leading social media channels, let alone how to grow organically.  This mismatch led Bos to found a new international content marketing agency based on her vision to connect the inbound experience of influencers with that of brands. Our key to success? Working with a small exclusive selection of top influencers and content creators that know how to get likes in by creating striking content on a daily basis.


How we work


Consumers are developing a shorter attention span, so an image, Boomerang or video is right up their alley. If you can get the consumer’s attention in the first few seconds, it can be more powerful than any other form of advertising. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to guide and advice brands in today’s social media jungle.

Büro Hashtag is strong in developing marketing content strategies and creating sharable content. Tailor made by leading influencers to stand out in today’s fast changing social landscape:


⊕ We advise brands in their content strategies with a special focus towards Instagram;

⊕ We take care of their Instagram accounts by outsourcing Instagram content production;

⊕ We connect our clients with our database of top leading influencers in their field;

⊕ We organise content accelerator courses for in-house marketeers.







With today’s visual storytelling it’s not about who YOU are, it’s about how you can inspire your customer. Call us masters in developing content concepts, specifically designed to stand above the crowd in this Social media dominated world. Let us take care of your Instagram account, let us write your Snapchat strategy. Our dedicated team knows – as know other – how to gain more followers and boost visibility. We work together with top creators, artist, video specialists and photographers that are successful on social channels. We believe that’s the only way to create the perfect visual and sharable story. Drop us an e-mail to find out what we can do for your brand.




Don’t underestimate the power of the hashtag. If you want your audience to remember your brand, you will have to structure them successfully in a convincing story. That’s why we organize special content accelerator courses for in-house marketeers.  During this tailor made workshop we’re going to talk and brainstorm about possible content strategies for your brand. This courses has been proven highly valuable in the past. For more information please send us an e-mail: hello@burohashtag.nl 




Digital Influencer Activation has become more prominent and powerful than ever. At Büro Hashtag we help our clients harness the power of ‘digital influence’ to connect with key influencers to help promote meaningful engagement and awareness with immediate and track-able results. Though we’re not an influencers agency, we do have the recourses to connect brand with valuable influencers in their field. We believe we can even add more value than influencer agencies who are more focussed on pageviews and impressions. Instead we merely look at the engagement factor. That’s were you convert. Scroll down to the next page. 



We know how it works. Marketeers are busy already and creating content for Instagram or Snapchat takes time.. a lot of time. That’s why we offer brands the opportunity to outsource their Instagram content production to us. Content is produced by actual influencers. They know as no other how to get likes in and how to create valuable content that last longer than just one posting.









Influencer activation

So there you go. We’ve created the story. We’ve set out the content strategy. What’s next is reaching out by activating our large pool of influencers.  We work with a database of Instagram influencers with a total reach of over 5 million dedicated followers. Increase brand visibility by connecting your brand with our leading Instagram influencers: Celebrities, stylists, photographers, famous bloggers. Here are a few of the accounts we work with:






















Buro Hashtag worked together with the following companies. Care to jump on our b(r)andwagon? 


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Being social media addicts from day one, the Büro Hashtag team is active in the online world for over 6 years, everyone with a different background: digital publishing, PR, media buying and (online) business strategy. We know from experience which content has the potential to go viral. We’re here to perfect and enlarge your content marketing efforts on social media.

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